Manatees swim up to Florida woman's home, munch on grass while alligator lurks nearby

Two manatees were spotted enjoying a tasty lunch on Wednesday outside of a Palm Bay family's home.

Ellen Straub posted the clip to TikTok showing the manatees chewing on some grass while swimming in the water behind her house. 

"Guys, there's a manatee just straight up munching away on our grass," she says in the video.

Seconds later, Straub pans the camera over to spot a second manatee because, of course, "They're best friends."

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But that's not the only wildlife around.

"Oh, and there's Mr. Alligator going by too," she says as an alligator is seen swimming behind the manatees in the background. 

Her TikTok video currently has over 129,000 likes.