Man O' War warning on Volusia Co. beaches

Volusia County Beach Patrol is telling beach-goers to keep an eye out for dangerous Portuguese Man O’ War.

Chilly weather won't keep surfer Scott Ellis from the waves. 

“It is beautiful, honestly. It’s sunny, no clouds," he said. "That’s why I’m here. Last weekend, I went out... it was cloudy, overcast, kind of miserable."

But, something else could ruin his vibe: The Portuguese Man O’ War. 

Beach Patrol sent out a warning about these slimy creatures. 

Ellis knows the damage they can do.

“I try not to touch them,” Ellis said. “It itches. You want to itch it, but you shouldn’t. It’ll get irritated and real red.”

The Portuguese Man O’ War looks like a floating blob, with stringy tentacles trailing behind it. 

If you see a Man O’ War washed up on the beach, of course don't touch it. 

If you happen to come in contact with its stinging tentacles on the beach or in the water, there are some helpful tips to handle the pain.

Researchers say you can rinse the stingers off with vinegar, then put a hot compress on the affected area or soak it in very hot water for about 45 minutes.  

They say that'll deactivate the stinging venom.

BCU student Destinyee Sims says on days like that, it's better to just stay off the sand. 

“To know that, especially not even just the water being cold,” she said, “but animals in there and all of that, I'm very fearful, so yeah.”