Man fatally shot after complaining of loose dog in neighborhood, deputies say

Deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office have arrested a man accused of shooting his neighbor over a dispute about a dog.

Kaleb Bradford, 20, is behind bars tonight charged with second-degree murder.  Deputies responded to MacArthur Circle in Cocoa late Tuesday evening, where 34-year-old Mark Hurst had been fatally shot. The motive, deputies say, is over a dispute that escalated to violence because a dog had been running loose causing friction with other dog owners.

"Neighbors should be able to discuss problems, but unfortunately, there are times when there’s bad blood between neighbors," said Brevard County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tod Goodyear during an interview about a deadly incident  

Investigators say Bradford didn't like being confronted about his pit bull being out in the area, there was a shouting match, then a physical altercation that led to the shooting. 

"There are other avenues if you’re having a problem with a person’s dog, Animal Services will come out and maybe take a look to see if there’s a citation that can be issued," Goodyear said.

Residents say the dog is safe and secure, and they’ll try to figure out what's next for the animal because the owner is locked up in jail without bond.