Man arrested after impersonating officer

Orange County deputies arrested a man for impersonating a cop. The victims say, he pointed a gun at them.

Cut off by a wannabe cop. "It looked like an older model police car." Deputies say, the fake officer almost caused a collision and kept following the couple who asked not to use their names. "You could see the hat he had on it said police, you knew it wasn't, so we tried to get away from him and he kept following us."

Investigators say,  he drove beside them and rolled down his window. "He held up his badge up like this and a gun and points it at the window at us and I say ok you need to turn down a side street or something. And we get over and he's behind us shining a spot light into the car." 

According to the report, the decommissioned police cruiser had a rotating spotlight attached to the driver side door. A black push bumper attached to the front.

A thin blue line sicker on the back, as well as a large antenna on the trunk. The wife called 911.

Eventually the real cops, caught the fake one. 27 year old John Awad is charged with impersonating an officer. The victims relieved, he's locked up. "It shocks you. Because you've done nothing wrong and all of a sudden someone has a gun pointed out the window at you."