Made in Central Florida: Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Central Florida is home to the first Jeremiah's Italian Ice brick-and-mortar location, but Jeremy Litwack’s passion for frozen treats began in Philadelphia.

Litwack decided to turn his high school passion into a nationwide business, opening his first location in Winter Park in 1996.

Perfecting the recipe didn't happen overnight. 

"I would make Italian ice in the morning. I would make experimental batches and about a year later I perfected my recipe and decided to make a market for Italian ice outside Philly," he said. 

Jeremiah’s frozen treats has gained popularity across Florida and outside the Sunshine State, with more than 125 locations.

Litwack went from having 12 flavors to now more than 90. "Each flavor gets different layers of gelati," he said. 

Litwack created his own flavors, but, recently brought on Erin Gallager to help. Now, Gallager creates new flavors.

"What I love about this brand is that Jeremy's focus on every aspect of quality from the water that goes into the ice cream we use, so everything is focused on quality," Gallager said. 

Litwack's motto is living life to the coolest and he tries to bring that motto alive through all of his tasty Italian ice recipes and vibrant team.