Video: Machine Gun Kelly pauses show to tear into audience member being rude to singing fans: ‘Just be cool’

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly paused his show at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City to confront an audience member on September 5.

Footage taken by Madison Santori shows Kelly delivering a sarcastic apology to a man in the crowd, telling him, "I’m sorry it’s a free show that you came [to], and all these girls are singing every word."

Met with cheers, the rapper then asks the crowd to give the man a "big f***ing awww’" before threatening to slap him and then encouraging him to "just be cool" and enjoy the free show.

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Santori said the man was called out because he was rude to fans who were singing the lyrics.

The rapper, whose real name is Colson Baker, says he took on the name Machine Gun Kelly for the flow and speed of his lyrics. It is also a reference to criminal George "Machine Gun" Kelly Barnes.