Lost dog recovered after missing for 4 months

Meet Piglet the Chihuahua. She's just returned to her people after being lost for four months.

Piglet's owner, Erin Kelley, explained the escape. The family had a new fence installed, there was a gap, one night there were fireworks in the neighborhood and Piglet bolted. Kelley posted messages on lost pet social media sites, never lost hope, because Piglet would pop up.

"Oh yes definitely, she made a few appearances, but we eventually caught her," Kelley said.

The family put out signs in the neighborhood so that folks will recognize piglet if they saw her."

There would be a sighting, so we would go out there, and then nothing." Kelley said.

This area of Palm Bay is known to have snakes, alligators and bobcats, but slippery Piglet avoided the predators. She never wandered too far though, and Erin put out her bed and food, and then they lured Piglet into a catch trap with Spam.

"She's a very quiet dog, she likes to stick to herself, she's anxious even with us, but she's a  good dog."

Piglet's cautious nature is perhaps what helped her survive in mother nature. This pup lost some weight, but other than that, she's good. Shy, sly. Our advice to this little piglet now is stay home.