'Let us know you are alive': Search for 14-year-old Ohio boy continues

Authorities in Ohio are searching for 14-year-old Harley Dilly.

Harley went missing on December 20 in Port Clinton, Ohio. Police said that Harley left for school that morning but never made it. He was wearing glasses, grey sweatpants, a maroon puffy jacket, and black tennis shoes. They are concerned for his safety.

His mother pleaded for Harley's return on Facebook, stating on Sunday "Harley if you see this...please please come home, call someone, let us know you are alive and safe. I leave my door open and stare outside looking at the road, the alley, the cars going by...are you in there, can you see us. What I all the online and tv isn't reaching you. You've been gone and NO one has seen you...where are you? Momma loves you... every night I sit on couch and try to stay awake for you... Just come home. Please."

The Port Clinton Police Department will hold a news conference on Monday afternoon.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.