Jellyfish wash up on shore in Daytona Beach

On Friday, fierce winds blew around sand and drove the jellyfish onto Daytona Beach. 

Capt. Tammy Malphurs, with Volusia County Beach Safety, says, "They're pretty much at the mercy of the wind and the currents."

Walking along the shore, The News Station spotted five jellyfish just feet apart.

They're not only a problem in the water, their potency sticks with them on land.

As visitors flock to the beach for the holidays, beach patrol has a word of warning to anyone not familiar with jellyfish.

Malphurs says, "When they wash up on the beach, they still can sting you. We ask them not to pick them up and play with them."

Malphurs also says if you see jellyfish on shore, more will be in the water. 

While reactions to jellyfish can vary - if you touch one, you'll typically have a stinging sensation for a few minutes - lifeguards do carry vinegar which helps ease the pain.