'I thought I was dying': Father, daughter survive after being struck by lightning in Raymond James parking lot

Ashley Moberg has become a statistic.

"One in 500,000, and it turns out once you've been struck it's 1 in 100,000 of getting struck again," she said.

She and her dad John were in town over the weekend for a Yankees' spring training game in Tampa but what should've been a nice daddy-daughter day didn't quite go as planned. Both she and her 74-year-old dad were hit by lightning after the game was called off. They were heading to their car in the Raymond James Stadium parking lot. 

"There's a bright flash and there's a loud boom, next thing I know I’m flying through the air," she said.  "I see my dad hit his face on the ground and my ears are ringing, I land on the ground."

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"I thought I was dying. I thought my dad was dead for about 10 seconds, and he starts calling me for help," she said. 

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Her dad got a black eye from the tumble, and they were hospitalized for two nights. 

"I was knocked totally unconscious when I woke up my face was in the mud I couldn’t move I was totally paralyzed," said John Moberg. 

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Thankfully, both are doing much better now and flew home Monday, packed with souvenirs and a story most wouldn't believe. 

"We will be coming back, and I’m also planning on getting a lightning bolt tattoo," Ashley Moberg said.