House deck collapses in Flagler Beach during Dorian

Mike Troutman was hunkered down on Tuesday in Flagler Beach, as Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on Central Florida.

"I was on the computer and all of a sudden, I heard this loud bang, like a crack of thunder, I mean I was looking for the lightning bolt in was so close," said Troutman.

But it wasn't lightning he heard, it was his back deck collapsing.

"I went to the door looked out the door, oh, my god, it's gone," said Troutman.

Troutman tells The News Station the wind had been blowing hard for several hours before the deck went down.

"It was very, very windy all day yesterday," he said. "It just couldn't take the beating anymore and it came down in the heavy winds."

The deck, which served as the primary entrance to the home, fell victim to Dorian's wrath. Troutman says there was no warning.

"It gave no indications that there was any kind of weakness," said Troutman.

No one was injured in the collapse. No word yet on cost of damage.