'He was just so weak': Coachella puppy tossed in dumpster has died

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A newborn puppy tossed into a hot dumpster with six other puppies in Coachella last week has died, according to Riverside County Animal Services.

The puppy was the runt of a litter of seven. 

"He was just so weak and held on for as long as he could," wrote a volunteer who was fostering the litter after they were found. "When I got him, he was pale and kind of flat looking, so I think he was the cushion that saved his siblings. As the lady threw them in the bag, I think he was at the bottom and took the hit when all of his siblings landed on him." 

The puppies were believed to be only three days old when Deborah Sue Culwell, 54, was allegedly caught on camera throwing them into a trash bin in Coachella. A good Samaritan saw the plastic bag they were in and pulled them out. 

All seven puppies were placed in foster care where a volunteer has been bottle-feeding them.

Culwell was arrested on seven felony counts of animal cruelty. She has been released on bail.

Animal Services says police were able to track Culwell down after security footage caught her license plate on camera.

Authorities arrested Culwell on Monday at her home where they found 38 dogs living in deplorable conditions. All of the dogs were removed from the home.

"Most of the dogs appeared to be in somewhat healthy condition, but some were aggressive or fearful," the county said in a statement, adding that the "house was in a state of disrepair."