Grounding of Boeing 737 Max jets causing problems at Orlando International Airport

All Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 jets have been grounded in the U.S. after two deadly crashes. Six of those planes are grounded overnight at Orlando International Airport, including five Southwest planes and one from American Airlines. More than 70 planes are parked at airports across the country.

“I think it's smart. Until they really know what happened five months ago and what happened on the weekend,” said Stephanie Wilkinson, of Toronto, Canada.

The U.S. grounded the MA 8 and 9 jets after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed and killed 157 people. It was the second deadly MAX 8 crash in six months. The first killed 189 people in Indonesia in October.

“Any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and will thereafter be grounded until further notice,” said President Trump.

“Figure out what it is. They can't kill that many people,” said Steve Schaefer, of Minneapolis.

The FAA says the decision stems from new evidence collected at the site and analyzed, as well as newly refined satellite date. But it’s not saying exactly what they found.

Some travelers say all this is a bit much.

“It's a good thing that they're checking it out but I just think that they're overreacting,” said Carolyn Waynor, of Philadelphia.

In the U.S., Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines all fly MAX 8 and 9 planes. Southwest has the largest fleet with 34 planes. American Airlines has 24 with 85 flights a day. United Airlines has 14 with 40 flights a day. They’re all now offering options to those who need to re-book flights. Many plan to take advantage.

“I have a flight coming up to France in sept and I'm hoping that's not one,” said Schaefer.

“I've taken routes already that have had that plane, and I have specifically avoided it, like changed my flight by 30 minutes,” said Wilkinson.

Airport officials at Orlando International Airport say to expect delays and cancellations since 379 flights scheduled in and out of the airport in March were MAX 8 and 9 planes. If you’re affect, airport officials urge you to call the airlines directly.