'God Is Love' cross saved for move to new location

A landmark cross, expected to be destroyed during a building demolition, has remained intact. The owner says it's the result of a miracle.

The 58-year-old "God Is Love" cross which was anchored at the top of the Orlando Rescue Mission in Downtown Orlando, was taken down so it can be placed at a new shelter.

"It was pretty glorious," says Mission President Freddy Clayton. "We had been told some of the structural steel inside it was no longer stable, and we expected it to come down in pieces. Instead, L & J signs was able to remove it in one piece."

Clayton had reached out to several museums hoping to get help to take the cross down and restore it, before the downtown building was demolished, to make way for a new entertainment center. But instead, the sign company stepped up.

"Charged us about half price, about $1,500. We had several estimates, they were extraordinarily generous in helping us make the decision," Clayton explains.

He says this "God Is Love" cross once fell down during a hurricane, but it was put back up, offering many at this shelter a sign of faith.

"It has been iconic in downtown Orlando for 58 years. It has been a beacon of hope for guys who are in difficult straights.

So now there will be two landmarks. A new cross which stands at 27 feet at the new building, as well as the old cross which stands at 18 feet. Clayton says the old landmark cross will be placed outside the chapel where many pray, here at the new shelter. 

"There's no question in my mind it's an act of God. God has blessed us and extended his grace and mercy to us in countless ways."