Gator breeding season is underway in Central Florida

Gator breeding season has officially kicked off, and that means you might see alligators around the area a little bit more.

Welcome to gator breeding season with pick-up lines you’ve never heard before.

“These big males suck in a bunch of air and then they blow it out,” said Gatorland’s Brandon Fisher. "Just think of it as their way of saying, 'Can I have your number?'

To a female alligator, that's him asking her out on a hot date.”

Breeding season starts now and lasts until May, getting the flirtatious male gators moving around the area. 

“They’re chasing everything out of their territory, including the female alligators, and slowly they're starting to let the females in," Fisher said. "

You're going to hear some stories of them popping up in peoples' yards and swimming pools. Alligators can walk for miles and miles to search for new waters, search for new food, search for mates. You don't want to feed them. You don't want to mess with them. If you see an alligator and they are in the breeding process, look at it from a distance."

If you see a gator nearby you can usually leave it alone, but it if becomes a problem and it's a real nuisance on your property or near you, then call Florida Fish and Wildlife officials.