Full Sail students create musical tribute to Pulse victims

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A new musical tribute has been created in memory of the Pulse Nightclub victims. 

"Together We're Strong" celebrates unity, says the once five strangers at Full Sail University's songwriters club who came came together to create the piece.  

Just as strangers around the world came together to offer prayers for the City Beautiful, Omar Maldonado, Tim Asunmo, Sophia Pin, Nadif Cadet and Josh Davis joined together to collaborate on this project as a way of working through the grief. 

"When you bring five strangers together who don't know each other, it can sometimes turn into something great," explained Davis. 

That greatness blossomed in just six hours with these talented young artists. 

"At this time, I was very sad," said Asunmo, "and naturally, being so sad, it just flowed naturally. It was never a struggle to write lyrics."

"I remember our first meeting," said Maldonado. "Wrote down words: sad, unity, strong. But Sophia wrote a poem, and it was so touching.  We were like, just take the song!"

"'All we need is you and me, just take my hand, and we'll do this together,' it's all about moving forward," Asunmo said. "We knew what happened during the tragedy, but how are we going to get forward, move forward? That's what the song's about."

You can scroll down to hear the song. To more about the collaboration and how the song came to be, click here. To download the song, click here.   

The group is asking for a small donation if you download the song, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the Orlando United Assistance Center, which is operated by The Heart of Florida United Way.

"We thought it was just a great way to help out," said Davis. 


<a data-cke-saved-href="http://togetherwerestrong.bandcamp.com/track/together-were-strong" href="http://togetherwerestrong.bandcamp.com/track/together-were-strong">Together We&#39;re Strong by Together We&#39;re Strong</a>