FOX 35 gets an inside look: Orlando Police officers to train for volatile situation on high-tech, 4K simulator

Police officers with the Orlando Police Department will train for difficult situations using a high-tech, 4K simulator. 

FOX 35 anchor Ryan Elijah got to try the simulator himself. 

He was placed into a scenario where a man had just been fired from his job, was suicidal, and threatening his workplace. The officers are tasked with deescalating the situation. 

"I was unable to talk him down," Elijah said. 

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The next scenario involved a man with a knife who was threatening a woman. 

Then, the final scene was another volatile situation. There are said to be 85 different paths to resolution depending on the officer's response. Once again, Elijah was unsuccessful. 

Orlando Police Chief Rolon hopes that officers can avoid these mistakes and that this simulator can help them practice communication and de-escalation tactics, like knowing when to pull a weapon and how to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

"Our citizens have to expect our officers to be the best trained, the most professional individuals that we can find, and that's what we're always striving for," he explained.

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Eventually, every Orlando Police Department officer will train on the unit. The goal is to let officers experience as many unpredictable and dangerous situations as they can. That way, if they happen in real life, they have the best chance of de-escalating the situation.

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