Orlando food truck heist leaves owner devastated

The Island Kitchen and Grill food truck was stolen over the weekend, leaving its owner devastated and out of business.

The food truck, known for its vibrant and easily identifiable exterior, was stationed off Edgewater Drive. Owner O'dayne McKinnon believes the thieves were well-prepared for the heist. The truck, a 16-foot trailer loaded with $10,000 to $15,000 in kitchen equipment, served as his primary source of income to support his son.

"When I got here, it wasn’t here. I didn’t even know what to think," McKinnon said. He estimates he's losing at least $200 a day, not including the catering gigs he’s had to cancel. The thieves left behind only two wooden blocks and an extension cord.

McKinnon had parked the food truck in its usual spot on Thursday evening and discovered it missing on Friday morning. The thieves had cut the power, disabling the security cameras inside.

"Somebody had to pass it, seen it, and thought about how they were going to come and get it," he said. The chef, who had plans to expand and compete in a national chef competition, is now focused on starting over.

"Anybody out there that knows anything, please reach out," McKinnon urged. "I’m definitely willing to listen for any type of help."

Given the truck's size, McKinnon suspects it was taken with a large vehicle. He has contacted the sheriff's office and is awaiting more information. In the meantime, he asks anyone who sees the food truck to call law enforcement.