Florida Power & Light to lower rates during coronavirus pandemic

The Florida Power & Light (FPL) Company announced on Monday that they plan to significantly lower bills for customers as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

They said that if they are given approval by the Florida Public Service Commission, starting May 1st, they will issue a one-time decrease of nearly 25 percent for the typical residential customer.

For example, if a typical bill costs $99.90, then FPL said that with the decrease, it will cost about $74.

Typically, FPL said that they and other electric providers refund any fuel savings to customers over many months. However, with the COVID-19 financial hardships, FPL will request permission to give customers the total annual savings in a single month's bill. 

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They added business customers should also see a significant one-time decrease in May.

“Everyone at FPL understands how critical it is to continue to provide reliable electricity and to keep as much money as possible in our customers’ pockets,” said FPL President and CEO Eric Silagy. “Traditionally, our regulators expect these types of savings to be spread out over the balance of the year. However, challenging times call for exceptional measures. I believe this one-time bill decrease is the most effective way to infuse customers with much-needed money as we all navigate through this difficult and unsettling time together.”

FPL also stated that this is the second time this year that the have lowered customers' bills.

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During the pandemic, the company also stated that electrical disconnections are suspended. Payment extensions will be given and late payment fees will be waived for those experiencing hardship. 

More available resources can be found on the FPL website.


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