Florida nurse slams patient's face into wall at assisted living facility, causes face fractures: police

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A nurse at an assisted living facility is facing charges after she allegedly hit a patient in the face with an object and slammed her face on a wall, causing facial fractures, according to the Casselberry Police Department. 

Kassandra Aihe, 24, was arrested and charged with battery on a person 65 years or older after the incident that happened at around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 27 at a care facility in Casselberry. 

The patient was walking down a hallway when Aihe found her and tried to help her back to her room, according to an arrest report. The patient "became combative," according to the report, and Aihe was seen on surveillance footage allegedly grabbing and pulling her hair to control her. 

Once the nurse had control, she pulled the patient to her room and pushed her inside, the report added. 

Photo: Seminole County Sheriffs Office

When they were inside, Aihe was heard screaming for about five minutes before another staff member entered the room to help out. That nurse said in an incident report that she went into the patient's room to find her bleeding from her face. 

Aihe was also required to write an incident report, which said she struck the patient's face with an object and then struck her face on the wall, causing facial injuries and bleeding. 

The executive director of the care facility told police that the patient was sent to the hospital two days later for treatment because her face became severely bruised. Doctors said the patient had fractures to her nose and face. 

It was the patient's trip to the hospital that sparked an investigation at the care facility in the first place, revealing the aforementioned surveillance video footage. 


The patient is unable to make decisions on her behalf, so her husband and power of attorney said he wished to press charges on Aihe. 

Police justified Aihe's arrest by saying she "did go beyond her scope of duty by pulling (the patient's) hair to control her and pushing her to move her to her room physically," the report said. 

Aihe was transported to the Seminole County Jail, where she was released after posting $5,000 bond.