Flagler Schools working to fix lunch app that caused confusion on the first day of school

Flagler County experienced issues on Wednesday with a new app rollout. Their new School Café app replaced a 25-year-old system to manage student lunch accounts. This led to some long lines at lunch and some parents say their kids didn’t have time to eat.

Flagler County Schools’ Director of Food and Nutrition says the hang-up had to do with barcodes.

"The barcodes that we used in our previous system read barcodes a certain way. We thought that was going to happen with the new system, and it doesn’t. That’s the short answer," said Angie Bush.

The barcodes on the student’s IDs didn’t work with the new system, and they had to remember a pin they hadn’t used in a couple of years to check out. Today, the district went to every school to make sure kids had the School Café app and the new barcode needed to check out.


"Have the students download the app on their phone they will have the barcode that our readers read this year," said Bush. "It’s on a separate screen. It’s pretty easy to see, and they just come and hold the phone up to the scanner. You won’t even have to enter the pin number or remember a number."

Bush says parents will also be able to apply for reduced meals, add money to their student’s account and even check food nutritional facts all from the app. In the future, parents may be able to pre-order lunches too.

You will need your student’s ID number to sign up for the free app. You can find your ID in the Skyward Portal.