Fishing boat captain reels in 757-pound swordfish in the Florida Keys

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A Florida fishing boat captain has earned major bragging rights after snagging a 757-pound swordfish--a catch that could be the new state record!

Captain Nick Stanczyk was fishing with friends off the coast of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. In a Facebook post, he says that after just 10 minutes on the water, he got a bite on his line.

 "After 40 minutes we got the fish back on the windon leader and I could see an electric blue swordfish swimming down deep," Stanczyk wrote. " I told them it was big, but I wasn’t sure how big. I said it could be 400 plus, but I didn’t get a great look."

The captain says it took an 8-hour struggle with the giant fish before they were  finally able to reel it in.

"It took the three of us to pull her over the side of the Freeman. The rope crackled and the tower creaked. She came in one inch at a time. Finally she hit the deck and she was ours!" 

It took seven people to haul the fish off the boat.