#FeedtheER movement comes to Orlando

Some healthcare workers got a delicious treat from local businesses on Monday.

Inside a food truck, cooks prepared meals to keep Advent Health's frontline full of energy.  Orlando Attorney James Simmons says several local businesses donated lunch to the ER staff. 

"The peak of the crisis is coming in the next two weeks. Right now, it's critical for us to come together if we can for the people who are putting their lives at risk."

Simmons says it’s especially meaningful to him, after his wife’s 70-year-old uncle, Nelson Cosey, died of COVID-19.

"What took us by shock was the fact that he didn’t have those pre-existing conditions they talk about."

He says it hurt even more, because they weren’t allowed to attend his funeral due to all the restrictions.

"It’s been really tough on us so that’s why we were thinking of what we could do in Florida to honor him."

When Simmons heard about #FeedtheER in Tampa, he wanted to do the same in Orlando. Alli MacCarrol has also been volunteering and was also there when they delivered meals on Monday.

"They’re saying thank you so much for all that you’re doing. And it hit me at that time, that we are making a difference even if it’s a small meal," adding that $500 buys 50 meals. "We also are also helping small businesses, the restaurants and the food trucks. Because everybody’s struggling."

Simmons hopes to raise $150,000 dollars to serve 20 Central Florida Hospitals over the next 30 days. He believes Nelson would be proud.

"It helps us deal with the grief."

If you’re interested in donating some meals, log on to www.FeedTheER.org.