'I miss everything about him': Florida dad remembers son killed in Pulse nightclub shooting

Ahead of the sixth year of remembrance of the deadly shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando – an already difficult and somber moment – a father who lost his son said the recent shootings in California, New York, and Texas make it more difficult to cope.

"It brings back memories every time you hear shooting here and then a shooting there," said Edwin Perez, whose son, Stanley Almondovar III, was killed in the Pulse nightclub tragedy on June 12, 2016, one of 49 lives lost.

Ten people were killed in a shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. One person was killed and five others hurt in a shooting at a California church. And 19 students and two teachers were killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

"This year feels, it feels really different. I don’t know if it’s because of what’s been happening the last two weeks. It just feels it’s just a tough year," said Barbara Poma, owner of Pulse nightclub.

Perez said his son was a pharmaceutical technician. ""He liked helping people, I think that’s why he went into that field," he said.

"I miss everything about him. Things change since he’s not here. But I guess life still goes on. You just try to make the best of it," he said.

Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan said too many people have died from "senseless gun violence" and that "we have to do something" at a recent prayer ribbon ceremony.

"Our country is being brought to its knees, and it’s about time we started resolving our differences through kindness and understanding rather than hatred and guns," she said.