Family forever changed after crash leaves child dead, father unresponsive in ICU

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Tragedy struck a Florida family, when a mother, father and 18-month-old girl were hit by a car while out for a bicycle ride. That little girl did not survive, and her father remains in intensive care.

Walking to the site of where it all happened, baby Adalyn Zisa’s grandmother, grandfather and uncles laid flowers on the side of the road.

“She was just a great joy,” maternal grandmother Kathy Kenahan said of Adalyn.

Adalyn was killed when a car veered off of Maitland Blvd. in Altamonte Springs, hitting the family of three.

“The one thing she loved most at the end of the day was going for a bike ride, so that was a good thing,” Kenahan said.

It is a tragedy that Adalyn’s father, Dane, may not even know. More than 40 days later, he still remains in the ICU.

“He is still unresponsive,” Kenahan said. “He’s had many, many surgeries.”

Adalyn’s mother, Shannon, is now out of the hospital recovering and grieving.

“Every day, she wheels herself into Dane’s room and talks to him, like he’s going to answer her,” her mother said. “She plays wedding songs that reminds them of their vows, 'for better or worse, in sickness and in health.' She’ll wait for him to come back to her. Shannon’s strength is unimaginable.”

A Go Fund Me page is collecting donations for the Zisa. For now, the rest of the family is pulling together, planning a funeral and preparing for the future.

“It’s a very uncertain future because we don’t really know how he’ll be,” Kenahan said. “We have no way of knowing.”

The crash remains under investigation. The driver is cooperating but has not been charged.