Experts have warning for disc golfers during alligator nesting season

Police in Largo, Florida believe a man found dead in a lake was killed by an alligator. They say the man might have been looking for disc golf discs.

It's the second time someone's been attacked at the lake trying to get discs. It also happened in Barnett Park in Orlando in 2018. During that attack, a man was bitten in the leg and survived.

Disc golfers in Barnett Park Tuesday say it's not uncommon for people to search for discs.

"You see people in scuba gear just swimming in the lakes, they do it on the other course over there too," said Patrick Mulligan. "Sometimes you get calls from people with your disc."

After the 2018 attack, wildlife officials searched for what they believed was a mother alligator protecting its nest.

Nesting season starts this time of year.

Experts say it's when they're most aggressive.

Brandon Fisher, and expert at Gatorland, says if you're on land, you can probably run away, but if you see one while in the water, you should try to make yourself look bigger and scare it away.

"You’ve got to be careful," Fisher said. "You’ve got to watch for these guys, because they’re definitely there. During this time of year, breeding season, nesting season, they’re a little crazier than normal."