Eustis police captain shot by suspect released from hospital after having bullet removed

The Eustis police captain who was shot by a man at a Winn-Dixie on Thursday was discharged from the hospital Friday after having a bullet removed.

Captain Gary Winheim was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center after the shooting.

During a news conference, the Eustis Police Department said that Winheim was alert and talking when he was flown to the hospital.

A manhunt was launched after the shooting for the suspect, Jayson Colvin, 38.

Colvin was located in a wooded area and was shot and killed by law enforcement after exchanging gunfire with them.

Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell said the suspect was armed and behaving in an aggressive manner.  

Members of the SWAT team ordered Colvin to put down his weapon.

Grinnell said when he did not, deputies opened fire. 

"He failed to comply with the SWAT team's demands and the subject is now deceased," Sheriff Grinnell said. "Multiple deputies opened fire on the individual."

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On Friday, many people from the community stopped by the police station to drop off flowers and food.

"We wanted him and the department to know how much we appreciate their courage and all the service that they give," said Kathleen Floyd. 

Floyd said she has encountered Cpt. Winheim in the community and said she was devastated to hear he had been shot.

"I was angry. I was so angry," she told FOX 35 News. "I’m sick of seeing officers hurt when they’re trying to protect us."

She said she's grateful for the service all law enforcement officers provide and hopes he recovers quickly.

"The families don’t know if their loved ones are gonna come back, and they do that for us," she said.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Winheim's wife Stephenie wrote:

"He is doing good this morning, sore but happy and thankful to be able to watch the sunrise. We are truly grateful for all of the out pouring of love, support and the massive response of our law enforcement family from across the state yesterday. Gary is extremely thankful for each and everyone of the officers who responded and for the Eustis Fire Department for their quick medical response, EMS, flight team and ORMC trauma and our community. Thank you thank you thank you all!!!! I am so happy to still have the man I love so very much."