Elderly man accused of shooting relative, dog

A 58-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital, and her 86-year-old uncle is facing an attempted murder charge in connection with her shooting.

On Monday morning, it was an active scene in Belleview as technicians went through a car, marking it for evidence.  Investigators are trying to figure out what happened in the shooting.  Evidence markers were on the ground, and blood could be seen on the car in the driveway.

The shooting rocked the quiet Belleview neighborhood.  "Very upset,” said Neighbor, Joanie.  She said something just didn't feel right at around 9 a.m. Monday morning.  "I was sleeping in the house and I heard about five, six shots,” she explained.

Marion County deputies said her neighbor, Jennifer Lockhart, was shot twice right outside her own house.

Lt. Ryan Robbins with the Marion County Sheriff's Office said, "Apparently, her uncle that lives next door, exited the residence today and shot at her and her dog."

Deputies said Robert Lockhart was facing is facing an attempted murder charge.  Deputies said Robert walked over to his niece’s house and waited outside for her to return.

According to deputies, when she got home, Lockhart took out his handgun, pointed it at her, and started shooting at her and her dog.  While she lay in her driveway, he went back home, then came back and tried to shoot her again, but the gun didn't work.

Jennifer is at the hospital in stable condition, but the dog is dead.  Detectives are trying to serve a search warrant on Robert’s house.

Lt. Robbins  explained,  "He was born in the 30s. He may have some onset of Dementia. We're trying to determine that at this point. He's been detained and is being interviewed by investigators as we speak."

Deputies said neighbors saw him and tried to warn her , but it was too late. Witnesses told them the shooting looks like it was unprovoked.

Joanie said,  "Well, I'm sad. Nobody would've known that man had a gun."

Investigators are piecing together clues to figure out this puzzling case.

The Sheriff's Office said Jennifer Lockhart is expected to be ok.