Ear infections on the rise in Central Florida

Central Florida health officials are noticing a trend at urgent care centers. There has been a large spike in ear infections, with some areas seeing an 800% uptick. If left untreated, there could be lifelong consequences. 

Doctors say that they are seeing a lot of middle ear infections. This could be because people are spending time in the water lately and swimmer's ear is going untreated. An expert says that the increase in ear infections is also because many people have gotten sick this summer.

Centra Care has been reporting a dramatic increase in upper respiratory infections and that can lead to the inner ear infections. Dr. Timothy Hendrix explains that when you have a cold, bacteria from the nose and sinuses cna wind up traveling to the ear. And if swimmer's ear is not treated fast enough, that can progress into a middle ear infection too.

"You're going to need an antibiotic. Whether it's an antibiotic ear drop for swimmers ear or an antibiotic pill or liquid for a middle ear infection, you're going to need to see a physician to look in there and tell the difference between what is going on," says Dr. Timothy Hendrix.

Parents can check for swimmer's ear by wiggling the ear. If there is a little discomfort, head to the doctor and go get that prescription.

The doctor says that if you have that summer cold, the best recommendation is to get your rest and fluids and try to let your body heal itself.