Drivers selling their cars could be giving away their personal information: How so

Drivers selling their used cars could also be giving away the keys to their personal information.

Whether you are selling or trading your vehicle out of necessity or because you are ready to upgrade, there is more to it than just negotiating a good price.

Retired sheriff’s deputy Daniel Englishby was in the market for a vehicle to replace this truck and he found it: a blue 2018 Tesla not far from his home.

"I saw it on Off Lease Only and it seemed like a good price so I went up there to talk to the person and trade in my F-150 for that vehicle," Daniel said.

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However, soon after making the deal, he said began to have problems with the vehicle.

"I drove over to Melbourne and I didn’t realize that with Tesla, you have to go to a Tesla charging station or you need an adapted to use other charging stations," Daniel explained.

This is when he noticed that the app in the vehicle that guides you to Tesla charging stations was still in the former owner’s name.

"I tried to set up the app for the Tesla vehicle and when I did it, basically it gave me a disclaimer that said I was not able to register the vehicle through the app because somebody else was the current owner," Daniel said.

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Apparently, there was enough personal information on there that if it was the wrong hands, it could spell trouble for the former owner.

"It has a home button. I could drive directly to her house," Daniel told FOX 35.

He soon gave up trying to clear the former owner’s information and took the car back to where he bought it. The dealership took it back.

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