Agents rescue smuggled woman from duffel bag in burning car

Shocking new footage shows the moment Texas troopers and Border Patrol agents rescued a woman who had been smuggled across the border, and was trapped in a duffel bag, from a burning car.

Agents had started the pursuit of a human smuggler on March 24 near Laredo, Texas. The pursuit was soon joined by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

The smuggler crashed the car, which immediately caught on fire, and bailed out of the car.

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He was then immediately apprehended by troopers, and told them that there was a woman who had been smuggled in the back of the car. She was zipped up in a duffel bag.

"She's in the bag," the smuggler said in footage from one of the officer's bodycams.


A trooper immediately broke open the window, pulled out the bag, and rescued the woman trapped inside, saving her from the inferno.

"Holy cr-p," one agent can be heard saying after the rescue.

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Texas DPS agents have been working to help Border Patrol secure the border as agents encounter massive numbers of migrants and attempted border crossings. Gov. Greg Abbott last year launched Operation Lone Star, surging resources and manpower to the border to focus on criminal activity and human smuggling at the border.

The number of migrants coming across the border has remained high throughout 2021 and into 2022. There were more than 164,000 migrants encounters in February and that number is expected to have risen in the month of March ahead of an expected surge this summer. Those numbers do not include the number of migrants who got past agents.

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