Dozens of kids Shop with a Super Cop in Orlando Walmarts

Dozens of kids in Orlando are going on a Christmas shopping spree.

For the 16th year in a row some lucky kids are joining Orlando police officers to buy presents in Walmart.

Just imagine you’re a kid being told you can buy anything you want. What would you buy? These kids said they’re shopping for their families.

“I got this one because I really wanted to be a doctor with two babies and this one is for my little brother,” 10-year-old Sherby Gedeon said. “I’m looking for things for me and my whole family.”

Joining her on this mission is Orlando police Lt. Jonathan Bigelow.

“He’s fun and also a genius,” Gedeon said. “He find a lot of stuff I can pick and he choose the right ones.”

Filling a shopping cart with her special purchases, she is just one of 64 children that are now able to bring home 100 dollars worth of presents for their families.

All of it made possible through Shop with a Super Cop and Walmart.“I really look forward to shop with a cop,” Lt. Bigelow said. “I did it last year and this year I couldn’t be happier to come and spend the time and just see their faces. It’s priceless.” 

It’s a fun and positive experience that these children will always remember.

“I think it’s fun,” Gedeon said.

It’s a cart full of toys going to the check out counter to rung up and bag.

All of these gifts are going home with them today. So now the real challenge will be to keep all of these presents a secret until Christmas.

“They’ll be surprised,” Gedeon said.