Robot lockers at Disney World? Disney files patent for on-demand mobile lockers

(Photo of Disney robotic sherpa via patent documents)

Imagine a "robotic sherpa" bringing your belongings directly to you during your next visit to a theme park. That's a project Disney is apparently working on that may just save you a long walk across its large theme parks to retrieve your personal items at one of their locker stations.

The company filed a patent last week for "robotic storage devices," or mobile lockers that would reportedly allow guests to use an electronic device to essentially summon a locker to come to their exact location in the park, or a designated location of the venue.

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Each mobile locker would have a storage container with a locking mechanism for park goers to secure their valuables in while they enjoy the many attractions the park has to offer. It would also feature an insulated compartment for guests to store their cold drink and other items during those hot, summer days, as well as a proximity sensor that would detect if a person or vehicle is nearby to avoid a collision.

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The patent states the mobile lockers can be monitored, and in some cases, remotely driven by personnel in a monitoring center.

See the patent in its entirety below: