Deputies say man arrested after shooting into car, home

A man shot into a car and a nearby home in an Orange County neighborhood, deputies say, and the incident has some residents nervous.  It happened around 2 p.m. on Friday in the Peppermill subdivision.

"It's just really scary," says Kerri Sofield, who lives around the corner from Sula Street where the shooting took place.  "It's so quiet around here, we don't usually see stuff like this happen."

A man shot up a car with someone inside, according to the arrest report.  Bullets also hit a nearby home.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

"I have a young daughter, so it makes you nervous, worried about what's going on in your own neighborhood," says Sofield.

After firing off the rounds, deputies say the man took off, went inside his home, and then came out with two firearms.  A deputy on scene was able to get the man to drop his weapons, and the man was then taken for treatment.

Investigators believe the shooter was under the influence of something, but they did not specify what.  Sofield hopes that it all was an isolated incident.

"In general, I feel safe in our neighborhood, so I'm thinking this is just a weird situation and hopefully everything will go back to normal after this gets cleaned up."

Investigators have not released the shooter's identity or a motive.