Deputies out in full force as they patrol for those breaking driving laws near schools and buses

With school officially back in session, deputies are hitting the road to make sure that drivers are following the rules when it comes to school buses.

On the first day of school, many parents opt to walk or drive their kids to class. However, now that it is the second day of school throughout Central Florida, that means more kids could be taking the bus.

Drivers need to practice caution around school zones and follow the rules of the road around school buses. They could wind up with some expensive consequences from the Orange County Sheriff's Office if they do not.

Drivers are required to stop when approaching a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing and stop arms extended. Penalties for passing stopped school buses include getting a ticket, four points against your license, a minimum fine of $165, and you will be required to complete a basic driver improvement course.

The only time it is okay to keep driving past a stopped school bus is if you are in the driving lanes going the opposite direction and there is a barrier or paved median between those roadways.




Deputies will be out in full force on Tuesday morning pulling cars over for violating these laws. They will also be patrolling for cars speeding in school zones and making sure drivers are not on their cell phones. 



This story was written in Orlando, Florida.