Deputies: Men used explosives in hopes of evicting tenants

Nathan Martin and his roommate and co-defendant, Bruce Steffenhagen, made separate first appearances before the same judge on the same explosives charge at the Orange County Jail.  

They are the men investigators say set off acid bombs behind their home on Beach Blvd. in Orlando Tuesday, prompting a stand off with deputies shutting down a neighborhood for hours.

According to the men's arrest affidavits, during an interview Martin admitted that Steffenhagen was trying to kick two occupants out of a garage apartment on his property.  Those people wouldn't open the door, he said.  Assuming they were asleep, the two of them came up with the plan to make an acid bomb, investigators say, with the intent of causing enough noise and fear that the occupants would come outside.

Deputies say the duo used aluminum foil, muriatic acid and a two liter soda bottle to make the bomb, shaking it, before throwing it into the neighbor's yard where it exploded

Both men are now being held on $15,000 bond, per judges orders they are not to have any contact with each other.