Demonstrators gather in Sanford to protest Seminole County mask order, 'it’s still my right to decide'

A mask order is now in effect in Seminole County, and some are not happy about it, having organized a protest on Wednesday in Sanford.

Over three-dozen people marched through downtown, chanting various phrases like "Freedoms over fear!" and "My body, my choice!"  They arrived at the county services building, where they were greeted by government officials.

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"I don't particularly care for the government to tell me to do things, but I’m rational enough to look at the bigger picture," explained Seminole County Commission Chairman Jay Zembower, "I want to be respectful of my fellow citizens. I may not believe in this mask, but I’ll wear it out of respect to you."

"It’s still my right to decide what’s the best for my family. I don’t want the government to think they can mandate my family," said Abraham Lopez, an organizer of the protest.

Zembower said he understands why protesters are frustrated but added that he is following recommendations from health experts who say masks help to stop the spread of COVID-19.

If one is inside a public space in Seminole County, one must wear a mask. For more details and answers to frequently asked questions about the mask order, click here.


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