Deltona man run over twice by stranger

Volusia County deputies say a Deltona man was standing outside his home on Normandy Boulevard Saturday when he was run over, twice.

Deputies say the suspect Charles Pace, Jr. pulled into the driveway, got out and asked the victim and his 71-year-old mother to use the phone, for money and for gas for his SUV. 

Scott Wagner says he came running out when he heard screaming. He said he saw Pace behind the wheel of his SUV and his dad under the vehicle.

Wagner told Fox 35 News “Instead of going down the street, he just gunned it and ran my dad over and hit the light pole, stopped in my front yard. My dad was trapped under the car. “

Wagner’s dad suffered a broken pelvis, as well as bones in his chest. He lost a lot of blood and was in critical condition on Monday. 

Wagner said his dad is expected to live and his grandmother is recovering.

Deputies say they found cocaine in Pace's vehicle.

Pace was given no bond and faces Attempted first degree murder charges.