Florida man arrested again in alleged stalking case involving children

A Deltona, Florida man is sitting behind bars in Volusia County after he is accused of violating his bond in a stalking case.

Mark Greenburg was under investigation in an alleged stalking incident involving a child in September 2022.  He was arrested on July 22, 2023, for another alleged stalking case involving two boys, ages 10 and 13.

Court documents show the victim's mother documented 11 incidents since May where she said Greenberg followed her sons to the bus stop and recorded her son's playing outside. Documents state that in one instance the neighbors blocked their cars a certain way, so Greenberg could not record the kids.

Last year, Greenberg was arrested after a 6-year-old girl's father and neighbor reported nearly a dozen harassing incidents including one where he invited the girl to Walt Disney World to turn her "into a woman."

Deputies said close to a dozen people came forward and reported his behavior, saying he would use a megaphone, drive past houses while recording children on his phone, and even follow them. Neighbors tell FOX 35 News they fear for their children's safety.

"It's so sad that the kids even know when he's outside. They know he's out recording. They know, that's the guy that's recording us," Shawn Riggins said.

In the meantime, neighbors say they're glad the kids can feel safe and play outside.

Criminal Defense Attorney Whitney Boan, who has no ties to this case, said typically in cases like this the suspect will be held in jail without bond pending an upcoming trial since he's accused of violating his bond.