DeLand church turns to drive-in service amid coronavirus fear

Churches across the country have been forced to make changes to their services as the coronavirus pandemic alters daily life. 

People who attend Grace Chapel in DeLand had to hear the word in a different way as the church hosted a drive-in service for the first time Sunday.  

“This is just us finding a way to worship together, still be safe and love one another and keep that distance, but love each other through a tough time,” said Pastor Ryan Worden.

Some tuned in on Facebook, and those in attendance listened through speakers from their cars, lawn chairs and from across the street.

“We parked the cars six feet apart to make sure every body’s at a safe distance,” Worden said.

The church had to get creative while collecting tithe from members using a pole with a gift bag attached to the end to keep a six-foot distance.

Holly Brunelle said being there kept her mind off the pandemic.

“There’s many things that can keep people inside in fear, but I didn’t think once of coronavirus today,” she said.

As daily life changes, Robin Friend said she wanted to be near her church family.

“Even if we have to social distance, it’s hard not to hug people, but I just love being with these people,” she said.