Daytona man arrested, accused of abusing dog on busy street

Daytona Beach police say Dean Sullivan hurt his dog and didn't seem to care there were witnesses.

Witnesses say they saw Sullivan pulling the dog's ears hard and kicking the dog in the head and ribs on Seabreeze Avenue in Daytona Beach Tuesday afternoon.

When a witness confronted Sullivan she says he told her it was his dog and he could do whatever he wanted to it.

When police showed up Sullivan told them the dog was aggressive and trying to bite, so he had to stop him. Officers said the dog seemed very timid and scared with his tail between his legs.

On Wednesday Sullivan faced a judge on animal cruelty charges which would normally come with a $500 bond. 

The judge doubled that to $1,000. Also, as part of his bond condition, Sullivan can not be around or own any animals.