Daytona Lagoon sending reopening plan to state

With sunny skies and temperatures in the 90s, water parks are normally overflowing with folks swimming, sunbathing and screaming down the slides.

But for the past two months, Daytona Lagoon has been drained -- no longer even able to afford the water in their pools.

“We’re just a small business here,” general manager Tyler Currie said. “We really want to get back open very quickly. We’ve missed a big chunk of our operating season already.”

The attraction missed out on the Spring Break crowds and will be impacted over Memorial Day weekend. But until they get the green light from the state, they’ll have to wait even longer. 

Park officials said they want guests to know that COVID-19 cannot spread in chlorinated water, but it is still important to maintain social distancing, which is why their lounge chairs will be spaced out six feet apart.

For now they’re getting ready in anticipation of reopening soon by improving upon their operating procedures for the safety of their guests and employees.

“We have to make sure all of our employees are safe,” Currie said. “They’ll be wearing masks and be behind Plexiglas shields at the cash registers. We take temperature checks every day when they come to work. Making sure that they’re safe and if they don’t feel well – definitely not let them come to work.”

Daytona Lagoon officials said they are submitting their reopening plan to the city and state that includes limiting capacity to 50 percent, masks for all employees and more sanitizer stations.

They said guests will be able to choose whether to wear a mask, but add that they cannot be worn in the water. Officials said hope the health benefits will outweigh the risks.

“It does make for a safe place to be out and enjoy,” Currie said. “On top of that [experts are] also saying to get out in the sun. Getting out in the environment helps kill it very quickly too. So a water park itself is a great safe spot for people to come.”

No opening date has been set yet, but as soon as they are approved, it will take a couple of days for Daytona Lagoon to refill all of its pools.