Daytona Beach residents want speed bumps installed after a 2-year-old was struck by car

Residents on Forest Lane are calling for city officials to reinstall the speed bumps in their neighborhood, a day after a hit-and-run crash injured a two-year-old girl.

According to Carmen Washington and several others, the street has become more dangerous since the speed bump was removed about a year ago. She said most who live in the area have frustrations with the lack of safety measures on the road. 

"I’ve been hit by people that are just coming around the corner and just go up the street," Washington said. "It’s kinda scary."

She and others said they believed it would be replaced. Daytona Beach Public Works officials said that is not the case under their protocols. Their desire is to have new ones installed to enforce the 10 MPH speed limit.

As it stands, there are "Speed Humps Ahead" signs at the entrances of both sides of the street, though it’s been months since they were there.

David Waller, Director of Public Works, released a statement on the issue:

Forest Lane was resurfaced last year as part of our regular ongoing maintenance program. The existing speed humps were removed to allow for the road work. Our process doesn’t automatically reinstall them. Neighborhood dynamics change overtime and the need and/or desire for them changes. If we receive a request for them we conduct a speed study of the roadway section and if speed is an issue we survey the residents impacted by the proposed installation so see if they want to see it installed. We have not received a request for this roadway.

Residents are hopeful they can be brought back quickly, especially in light of the recent hit-and-run.

"If you’re coming outside your house, and you’re seeing people speeding up and down the way, and you see kids outside playing," Washington said. "How would that make you feel?"

The Public Works request can be made online or over the phone.