Daytona Beach leaders strive for spring break geared toward families

Daytona Beach leaders say they stopped appealing to college students years ago, saying they prefer families instead.

As police crackdown on Miami mayhem during spring break, but over in Daytona Beach, it’s a totally different scene with lots of thrills.

Jay Wilson, of Indianapolis, says, "Very family-friendly. Been at a couple of restaurants. Thus far staying at the Hilton."

Angela Elder is from Rockford, Illinois, She said, "They have everything set up for families. They have all the pools, the kiddy areas, slides, games rooms. I just think that’s awesome."

Bob Davis, the president of the Volusia County Lodging and Hospitality Association, says he focuses on family spring break, rather than trying to attract students. He talked to us via phone about how he avoids situations like the one in Miami.

"We don’t do college spring break. We did away with that 15-16 years ago."

He says visitors who don’t follow CDC guidelines aren’t served. Up until last Saturday, he says the hotels were at full capacity until the weather got cooler.

"It was just wonderful to see how well-behaved everybody was."

Angela says, "We got down to negative 30 this year."

As people from the Midwest escape the cold weather, they enjoy every moment in Daytona Beach, even if it’s cooler than expected.

"It’s actually been really fun despite the weather. We’ve been having a blast."