Danielle Redlick: Jury deliberations to begin in Florida murder trial

The Danielle Redlick murder trial is expected to go to a jury following closing arguments from attorneys. Redlick is accused of killing her husband in their Winter Park home in 2019.

She was back on the stand on Wednesday, but this time she faced prosecutors. Question after question, they tried to chip away at her credibility. 

The state questioned why she would have dropped the knife in the moments after Michael Redlick was stabbed if she still felt threatened.  Danielle Redlick testified that she stabbed her husband, former UCF executive Michael Redlick, in self-defense after he tried to smother her.

Prosecutors focused on what she told dispatchers early on – initially saying that Michael may have had a heart attack. 

State: "You did not believe he had a heart attack?" 

Danielle Redlick: "Actually, I did. I was hoping." 

State: "Hoping?"

Danielle Redlick: "Not in a morbid sense like I wanted him dead. But, he had heart problems and I thought with all the excitement – perhaps he died." 

State: "If he had a heart attack – wouldn’t be responsible for his death." 

Danielle Redlick: "Yes."

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During re-direct, the Defense hoped to show Redlick was not a cold-blooded killer one last time before she left the stand.  Her attorneys asked her again about what she’d done in the hours after Michael had died and before she called 9-1-1. 

Defense: "You recall that night ever searching for how to clean a crime scene?"

Danielle Redlick: "No." 

Defense: "You recall that night ever searching for how to dispose of evidence?"

Danielle Redlick: "No." 

The defense also called on witnesses who confirmed they’d previously seen Danielle with injuries - further highlighting the history of domestic violence in their relationship.  One witness was another parent who’d watched the Redlick’s son. She noted Danielle had a black eye when they met for a play date between their sons.

The defense also called the physician who knew the Redlicks when Michael worked with the Memphis Grizzlies. Danielle testified they’d visited his office after a violent fight.  

Jurors were dismissed early. Closing arguments and jury deliberations are expected on Thursday. You can watch the trial live starting at 9 a.m. in the player above.