Dangerous rip currents expected this weekend, generated by Hurricane Sam

A relaxing day at the beach turned into a nightmare for Tiundra Wanton. Her 10-year-old son Fred Nelson Junior was swept away by a dangerous rip current last week at Daytona Beach.

"They tried to save him as well but the tides just kept going further and further out and I watched them pull Fred with them," said Tiundra Wanton.

It’s more than a cautionary tale.  With swells from Hurricane Sam this weekend, swimmers are warned of serious rip current risks.

"You have to be careful. Just the thought of wanting to go in the water and wanting to go north and it wants to take you south," said Deborah White.

"Know yourself and your family's swimming abilities," said John Prentice.

Brevard county ocean rescue chief Derek Swor has some advice for locals making the trip this weekend.

"If you have any doubt or you think it is outside your wheelhouse don’t go in past your waist, especially this weekend, there will be some pretty big waves," Swor said.

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