Cruise lines begin scanning passengers for fever using no-touch digital thermometers

Royal Caribbean and Disney started using digital head scanners on Friday.

Many passengers at Port Canaveral say that’s not alarming, but reassuring, and they expected to have their temperatures taken because of emails and texts.

In alerts from Royal Caribbean, disembarking passengers were informed they’d have to be tested by no-touch digital thermometers.

If they have a high temperature, they’ll be pulled out of the line for additional medical screening.

The cruise line says if the screeners turn someone away, over coronavirus concerns, they’ll get full credit to use on a future trip.

Disney Cruise line has the same protocol.

"I’m glad they are taking extra precaution, so we won’t have to go through anything like [what happened in Japan]. Hopefully, we won’t have to be quarantined," said Porsche Lawrence.

Lawrence is traveling with her two daughters, flying from Indianapolis for this vacation.

She says she feels the cruise lines are being transparent with coronavirus updates.

Royal Caribbean and its partners are also allowing cancellations up to 48 hours before sailing due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The cruise lines are still holding firm on no-access if you’ve been to certain Asian countries, Italy or Iran in the past 15 days.

Right now, there are no state restrictions.