'COVID sucks': Florida Representative struggles while recovering from coronavirus

Florida Representative Randy Fine is recovering from the coronavirus. After initially being asymptomatic, he now says the virus is really starting to hit him and that he feels "like garbage."

For more than a week now, State Rep. Randy Fine has been posting daily Facebook Live videos, updating the public after he, his wife, and sons were diagnosed with COVID-19. He was doing mostly alright until coming down with a fever on Tuesday.

"It is strange to have been sick for a week, have had no fever, and then boom, all of a sudden get one. That’s a little bit odd," said Rep. Fine, R- Palm Bay. 

Rep. Fine posted Tuesday he would not be doing his daily live update, writing "let me say this - COVID sucks."

"My doctor’s telling me maybe this is the part of this where the body’s really going in to fight the virus and that’s why you get the fever," he told FOX 35 on Wednesday.

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His wife was diagnosed first and the family has been quarantining for about 18 days. Rep. Randy Fine says it's been a rollercoaster, stating that "it’s just sort of this lumbering up and down and uncertainly. Sometimes you feel okay and sometimes you don’t."

His symptoms now include weakness and headaches as well as "still have a fever some cough, weak, weakness, my kidneys hurt sometimes which is weird." 

However, Rep. Fine said that he is well enough to resume his daily updates and warn people to take this virus seriously. 

He explained that "I want people to understand that if you get sick like this for a week or two weeks or three weeks, it’s a real drag. Take it seriously. Protect yourself. Wash your hands. Do the right thing and try to keep yourselves from getting this."

Rep. Fine said this is the longest he has ever been sick. He said assuming his sons feel better, he plans to send them to school next month because they will have antibodies.


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