County trying to solve parking problems in Avalon Park

"NO PARKING" signs will soon be popping up across Avalon Park.  Orange County Commissioners voted Tuesday morning to curb folks from parking on both sides of the residential streets.  

This comes after a slew of complaints from people unable to weave their way home.  The decision is now getting some mixed reviews from homeowners.  

“The bigger streets like the street I live on, it's not necessarily needed. But the smaller streets, if people park on both sides there are times you almost have to pull your mirrors,” said Victor Wallace. 

The Burns Family is living on one of the narrower streets.  

“We have mixed emotions about it. we have cars and we want to park near our house,” said Chris Burns. 

With three drivers in their home, one of the cars always ends up on the street in front of their homes, which he’s expecting to become a bit of a hassle as soon as the new rules are imposed.   

“Yeah, it's going to be tight like parking in New York City.  You'll have to drive around to find parking and not in front of your home,” said Burns.  

For the most part, he says he doesn’t mind cars parked on both sides of the street.  

“It slows the traffic down sure, is what I think the intention was” saying that the congested road forces drivers to slow down promoting safety, but he recognizes the downside too.  

“When a FedEx driver or UPS truck goes by they have to really slow down to not hit everything,” said Burns.

A spokesperson for Orange County tells FOX 35 that the “one side street parking” will start in the area near Golden Raintree Boulevard in Avalon Park.  Once the signs are up, violators could receive $30 citation from the Orange County Sheriff's Office.