Consumer Report: Ways you can save at the pump

Gas prices are soaring and experts don’t believe prices will come down anytime soon. 

On Tuesday, AAA reported a new record high for the national average gas price at $4.17. That is up over 10 cents from yesterday’s previous record. 

"I’m filling this up, cleaning it up, putting it in the garage, and driving the Prius," said Tom Van Klingeren. 

People are changing the way they live their lives because of the skyrocketing prices. Elda Puchalski says her family will start using one car. 

"That’s why I’m filling this one up today and start using mine. That’s it," said Puchalski. 

Drivers who are looking for ways to save can start with their warehouse stores that could give you access to cheaper gas. 

"Compared to the other stations I’m saving about $.20 a gallon here," said Van Klingeren as he filled gas at the Sanford Sam’s Club. 

A Sam’s Club membership will run you $45 but right now signing up online will get you a $45 coupon for use in-store. A BJ’s membership will run you $55 and Costco $60.

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"There are a lot of reward programs you can take advantage of that could save you anywhere from five to maybe $.30 per gallon," said AAA Spokesperson Mark Jenkins. 

Taking advantage of your credit card’s cashback rewards can help too. The Chase Freedom Unlimited and Flex cards as well as the Discover It card provide the best cashback return at the pump of 5%. This means for every $50 you spend you’ll get back $2.50. The Citi Double Cash card can bring you a total of 4% as does the US Bank Altitude connect card. 

"When you do get to the gas station, pay close attention because there are some retailers that are charging more per gallon if you pay for a credit card so cash would be the alternative there," said Jenkins. 

Like anything else, there are apps that can help. Ones like AAA, GasGuru, and even Waze can help you find the cheapest gas near you. Others like GetUpside and GasBuddy will help you earn discounts on your next fill-up. According to a GasBuddy contributor the app is overwhelmed with new demand.

In addition, AAA suggests being more efficient with your driving habits. Things like making sure your car is well maintained, consolidating trips, removing extra weight, and reducing your speed can go a long way for the long haul. 

"Is your tire pressure is where it should be? Maybe swap out your air filter. Little things like that can go a long way to help optimize your fuel economy," said Jenkins. 

Experts believe gas prices could go up another 10 cents overnight with no real end to the rise in sight. 

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